and the oil separates from water
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 made in Florence - Italy

OIL-NET® oil separator


for industrial washers and more


OILNET® separators are coalescers which attract and separate the small droplets of oil in suspension in the liquid.
The system gives the maximum of efficiency with nothing else than the activation, by means of oleophilic elements, of the physical-chemical principle on which is based: the coalescing action.

The only moving part is the pump, pneumatic or electric depending on the model, and no other maintenance than periodic cleaning is required.
Produced in several models, the range of oil separators OILNET® covers many applications: connected to a washer or fully independent to be used wherever is necessary.

The volumetric capacity of separation varies depending on the model between 8 and 30 l/min with a separation efficiency of 97% or more, also with non stable emulsions.

Different from the common "oil skimmers", disc or belt type, removing the oil floating on the surface and therefore already separated, the OILNET® withdraws water and oil, separates them and returns the oil-free water to the main tank while the oil is retained or collected in a separate container.


Oil and water
enter together ..........

the oil

coalesces and ......

comes out
separately, while ......
 the oil free water returns to the main tank