and the oil separates from water
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     cleaning technology means also separation and filtration    
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 made in Florence - Italy

OIL-NET® mobile


air operated

just a connection to an air supply


OILNET® mobile does not require stable connections and can be easily moved from one tank to another, if necessary.

Just a floating probe and a flexible hose to create the closed loop: the pump withdraws the oily water from the tank, separates the oil and drain it to a container while the oil-free liquid returns to the tank by gravity.

The operating priciple is common to all models: coalescence. OILNET is a real oil-water separator, not an oil skimmer

OILNET® mobile gives the maximum of efficiency with nothing else than the activation, by means of oleophilic elements, of the physical-chemical principle on which is based: the coalescing action.

The only moving part is the air operated pump and no other maintenance than periodic cleaning is required.

OILNET® mobile is produced in two standard models M 15 (15 liters per minutes capacity) and M 30 (30 liters per minutes capacity).

Both models are full independent to be used wherever is necessary.



Oil and water
enter together ..........

the oil

coalesces and ......

comes out
separately, while ......

the oil free water returns to the main tank